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PHP: Regex match anchor text and url in a string

12 November 2013, in

To match anchor text and url in a string:

$sourcestring = 'this is a good test <strong><a href="">file (.docx)</a></strong> 
and this is the new <a href="wp-content/uploads/amir.jpg">site image</a> ';



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PHP: check string has HTML tags

25 November 2012, in

you may think as the best way to check a string has HTML tags is to check the string after stripping tags:

if( strlen($string) != strlen(strip_tags($string)) ){

echo 'Contains HTML tags';


But, the best way is to use regular expressions:

if (preg_match("/([\<])([^\>]{1,})*([\>])/i", $string )) {
echo 'Contains HTML tags';

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