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Drupal: Form Validation Messages Order

27 July 2017, in

Hello all Drupalists,

Have you ever had a problem with form validation messages order, ... I think we all had this issue.

For some reason validation messages are not ordered the right way (with the same order as the form fields).

For this reason, I wrote the below code to be used to reorder form validation messages.

Note that the below code also has a function to be used if you are using conditional fields module to manage field dependencies.


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Drupal: Custom node edit menu callback, image upload widget disappears when change file

21 March 2016, in

I had an issue with a custom node edit menu callback, that when the remove button is clicked to replace the current uploaded image, the whole widget disappears.

I already loaded file as follows:

module_load_include('inc', 'node', 'node.pages');

BUT, apparently you should add these line to the menu item array:

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Drupal7 Views3: Empty "Row style output" templates

20 May 2015, in

I had an issue when I was trying to create a new display and tried to theme it, I found the "Row style output" template suggestions like the following and with no template content:


Row style output: .tpl.php, --display.tpl.php, --type.tpl.php, ...


After some investigation, I found that the reason that caused this that my display "Format" shows "Content" not "Fields", so it shows rendered content and can not have row style templates.

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